The biggest thing I’ve ever done (apart from having kids)

This book feels so important to me. Like a pressing thing that we’ve got to get done because when it comes to fruition it might make a difference to someone’s life. In my wildest dreams, it could make a difference to lots of people’s lives.

Working on it and thinking about its message of loving yourself, despite all the mistakes you might make and how unsure and uncomfortable you feel, has certainly changed my life.

The thing that makes Jeff and I laugh about what we’re doing (writing, illustrating, designing, self-publishing and marketing a book) is that behind every part of it is a profession people work years to master. And we are trying to do it all! What hubris! But we are doing it anyway. 

Despite the fact that we get an hour (tops) to work on it each day if we’re lucky. Despite the washing and the cooking and tidying and Jeff’s job and all the baby care and playing. We are doing it anyway! And I feel so lucky to be able to give this a go. Doing it with Jeff makes it even better.

I have been listening to the Startup podcast while I’ve been colouring the illustrations and it’s been very inspiring. In his podcast Alex Blumberg talks about the biggest thing he’s ever tried to accomplish (starting Gimlet Media), and I’m here in my living room with a sleeping baby strapped to me doing the biggest thing I’ve ever done (apart from having kids).


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