The illustrations

Although we were talking about picture ideas from the beginning, Jeff and I wrote the text for You’re Doing Great, Baby (which you can read in full online here) before we drew any pictures for it.

Jeff is by far the better drawer of the two of us, and we thought it would be fun to keep the project just us, so he did the drawings and I coloured them in with watercolours.

If I ever need proof that practicing something over and over makes you better at it, then this is it. Jeff drew and drew, honing the characters as he went. I coloured some of the pictures five times before we were happy with them.

Some pictures (like Mum and Baby lying on the mat on the grass) took two weeks to finish. So many blades of grass! And we did that one three or four times.



Here are some examples of the evolution of the artworks.

Illo 3 Illo 1 Illo 5


Illo 2

And here is Leo’s (awesome) design for a cover:

Illo 4

You can see pictures of us working on the illustrations here, and read more about the inspiration for the illustrations here.

Inspiration for the illustrations

Working together
Working together
Jeff illustrating the book
Jeff illustrating the book

Read the book here


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