About the book

grassYou’re Doing Great, Baby is a picture book for new mums and dads who are feeling overwhelmed and don’t have time to read anything except picture books.

We’re Beth Taylor and Jeff Edwards. We live in Sydney with our two sons. We wrote and illustrated this book together. We self-published the book in 2015 after pre-selling copies of it through Kickstarter.

You can now buy copies of the book from our website.

Back in 2012, having made it through the challenges of the first few years of parenthood, we thought we’d put together a supportive picture book as a gift for some friends who were about to have a baby of their own. We didn’t get very far at the time (too busy with life, work, childcare, etc.), but we thought about the book on and off for years. After having our second child, we were inspired to finish it.

You're Doing Great, Baby

We hope the book will remind new parents that they’re doing their best and reassure them that they’ll get through any tough times. There is also rhyme and colourful pictures so hopefully babies will like it too!

If you’re interested in reading stories about why we were inspired to write it, check out our blog.

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