Easter Saturday scanning mission

It’s the Easter school holidays. Leo has had his first term of school and he’s loving it but he’s also tired. We’re all a bit tired. Except for Clem who has three naps a day.

Jeff and I were keen to get the illustrations finished and scanned before the holidays but it hasn’t happened, so it’s Easter Saturday and we decided to get what we have done scanned.

Going to Officeworks wasn’t on Leo’s to-do list and I found myself loudly despairing that he wasn’t into the idea of doing something we wanted to do for a change. I wrestled his PJs off, trying to get him dressed. It was not my finest parenting moment. Eventually we negotiated in a side trip to Woolworths for dominoes and some fish and chips, and we set off.

The irony of getting all het up over a project whose message is to cultivate happiness through peacefully being in the moment is not lost in me. (The scans look awesome by the way).

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3 thoughts on “Easter Saturday scanning mission”

  1. A “quick” trip to Officeworks with children is just not possible. I like the bribery, is that mentioned in your new book? 😉

  2. Very true! It was also very expensive because Leo wanted to buy reams of paper for paper planes and I bought a bunch of stuff I didn’t really need (grrr, impulse stationery purchases!)
    Bribery will be covered in our follow-up book ‘You’re Doing Great, Kid’ – this one’s just about babies 🙂

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