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You’re Doing Great, Baby was written and illustrated by Beth Taylor and Jeff Edwards. They live in Marrickville, NSW, with their two sons.

Beth Taylor co-wrote the book and hand-coloured Jeff’s illustrations. She is a mother, artist, filmmaker and photographer. She has covered a gallery wall with a thousand photos for her solo exhibition ‘Home‘, created a solar system from 12,000 bread tags for ‘Breadtag World‘. She also wrote and directed the award-winning documentaries Maybe Mum’s Not the Word and Insecurities. Read more about her projects.

Jeff Edwards co-wrote the book and drew the illustrations. He works in IT and sometimes makes music as The Desks. He ran the 20th recording project from 2005 to 2013, inviting other music-makers to record songs on the 20th of each month.

Read more about their story and why they wanted to write the book.

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